Track the annual expansion of oil palm and pulpwood plantations and associated forest conversion

Indonesia’s Mining Crossroads: New Map Unveils Opportunities for Environmental Monitoring

David Gaveau and Douglas Sheil wrote this article The TreeMap created the first ...

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2023 Deforestation by the Wood Pulp Industry in Indonesia Surges, Hits Record Highs in Kalimantan

Rising global demand for wood pellets, wood pulp, viscose for clothing, paper, t...

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2023 Marks a Surge in Palm Oil Expansion in Indonesia

In 2023, Indonesia saw an increase in deforestation caused by the expansion of i...

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Indonesia’s Pulp Industry, Deforestation Surge, and Domino Greenwashing Exposed.

Aerial Photo of PT Industrial Forest Plantation, (1°30’32.84”S – 114°11...

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